Letters to Gus

i love you cardLast night our reunification therapist advised that I should hold off on writing more letters.

When she met with AP, he mentioned that I was sending letters and he did not know what to do with them.  The therapist said he should place them all in a box and notify Gus that she has mail in the box.

The reason I am not supposed to keep sending letters at this time: they are causing negative emotions for Gus, and reunification therapist said this is not good for the reunification efforts.  She is trying to remind Gus of her attachment to me, and the negative emotion surrounding accepting the letters is interfering with the goal.

The letters were the only way I hoped to tell her I am thinking of her, that I love her, and I want relationship with her. I read in several articles that kids who are alienated from a parent believe they are unlovable.  I do not want her to feel that way.  The therapist is our last chance- I do not believe I know better than her about our problem. I feel totally inept.  I will try, but please, Gus- know that I love you.




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